BIORESTOR® is formulated to stop and reduce aging factors that cause pavements to fail.

• Hardening due to binder replacement and hot-mix manufacturing

• Degradation and damage from sun and weather

• Degradation and damage due to water permeation

BIORESTOR® is a deep-penetrating asphalt modifier that renews the performance properties of asphalt, providing more durability in a pavement and and increased pavement life cycle. The formulation is 95% biobased oils with a synthetic polymer modification. BIORESTOR® increases Penetration (softness) of asphalt, helping stone content to adhere to the matrix and remain in the pavement, inhibiting raveling and potholes, and closing pores to inhibit water permeation. It decreases Viscosity (brittleness) to improve flexibility and significantly decrease cracking. The increase in flexibility using Biorestore®, has been shown to reduce cracking in the pavement surface, which is seen in as little as 6 to 12 months after paving. These signs of early binder stiffness can be minimized, if not eliminated, on properly designed pavements.


BIORESTOR® is a necessary pre-treatment for future wearing course applications of asphalt pavements. Why? It effectively restores the deficits in the original asphalt – flexibility and overall durability. Any layer of pavement performs well ONLY if it has good layers beneath it. We recommend BIORESTOR® be applied on new pavements within the first year as a truly proactive approach. It can also be used on older pavements that are in good structural condition to prolong deterioration, allowing you to keep good roads good.

Benefits of BIORESTOR®

  • Increases Asphalt Lifecycle 4 -7 years
  • Reduces Cracking
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Decreases Viscosity (Brittleness)
  • Reduces Pot-Holes and Ravel
  • Increases Penetration (Softness)

Saves MONEY!

Advantages of BIORESTOR® Products

  • Quickly Penetrates and Cures
  • Minimal Traffic Disruption
  • Maintains Skid Resistance
  • Apply Over Existing Striping
  • NO Sanding Necessary
  • NO Tracking
  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
  • Treat New and Older Pavements